GVista provides contracted services to augment or outsource the specific information technology practices of our customers. 


 ·         Software Design and Development – GVista Software has seasoned developers and projects managers with man-centuries of experience producing robust, maintainable code.  From n-tier, componentized web applications scalable to thousands of simultaneous users, to “byte-miserly” applications for memory constrained PDA or embedded applications, GVista artists have the experience and skills to build the software your business needs.

·         Project Management – GVista utilizes the Microsoft Solutions Framework as a model for building successful software products and business applications. Our project management philosophy involves understanding your business so that we can work with you to determine exactly what you want and need. We help you identify problems at their inception and keep you apprised of your project's status incrementally throughout the development cycle. Working together with your organization, our project managers will ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.  Writing the code is only half the job – writing the right code to meet your needs is what makes GVista Software (and your business) successful.

·         .NET Technology Initiatives - GVista recognizes the market opportunities created with the roll out of this new technology.  The wealth of new technologies Microsoft has included under the .NET banner is making its impact felt throughout many industries.  The breadth and depth of server offerings, services, languages and other tools that comprise .NET offer great opportunities, but can be challenging to come to grips with.  Let the professionals at GVista Software help you make the most of .NET in a way that makes sense for your business today and in the future.

·         Mobile and Embedded Development – GVista specializes in the development of Windows© CE applications for Pocket PCs along with a variety of embedded technologies. We have particular expertise in developing communications and data synchronization systems to extend the reach of portable computing devices in a variety of environments, from XML web services over 802.11x, to custom ActiveSyncâ components.  With years of experience developing a broad range of applications on multiple handheld and embedded platforms, GVista is able to assist you with your instrumentation and control needs, and to help mobilize your workforce.

·         Integration & Customization – GVista Software can support integration and customization needs businesses have with the purchase of a variety of both commercial off the shelf as well as custom software. Our developers have the experience in working with the latest technologies in order to seamlessly integrate your custom applications with popular off the shelf software products.

·         eCollaboration and Web Enablement – GVista Software’s focus with this offering is to streamline how data flows within an organization. Our eCollaborative development involves developing technical applications, which allow business teams and organizations to collaborate on initiatives.

·         Project Recovery – Do you have a project that may be on the brink of disaster? Don't throw up your hands or throw in the towel. We can help you analyze your circumstances and build a plan to recover your project. We have a history of helping companies bring their projects to a successful completion and developing applications and products that meet their corporate needs.

Product Development