Field technicians can quickly and accurately describe the condition of any
pipe. Thanks to Record, data entry is inexpensive and fast.

Because Record can directly access GIS data, a single click on a map will fill out the form and link the inspection video to the map feature for viewing. To improve the quality of your GIS data, simply add the GPS option.

GIS Video Recorder

Look at what you get with Record

· Consistant and reliable assessments.

· Compliance with industry standards and codes.

· Next-generation wireless video, data and voice.

· A GPS-guided map and routing system.

· Improved speed and accuracy in the capture and

             mark-up of video

· The ability to capture and quickly mark up video

              with the use of macro buttons.

· Inspection video outputs in a variety of formats


Simplified Field Inspections

Everything starts here. Record integrates geographic mapping with a simple icon-based observation process. This unique GIS-based field inspection application dramatically increases the speed, accuracy and content of pipe-inspection video recordings.


Reliable Assessments

Record features a point-and-click environment that reduces subjective observation errors and eliminates costly, time-consuming manual data entry.


Industry Compliant

The simple inspection process adapts to any industry standard or code without added keystrokes.