GIS Video Transfer

Converts Old Video into a GIS-based Format

Transfer brings older inspection libraries into the digital age. Itís the industryís most advanced tool for building and updating pipe-inspection video libraries.

Adapts to Multiple Media Formats

From VHS tapes to digital video. Finally, thereís no longer a reason to keep all those old videotapes on crowded shelves. With Transfer, viewing, updating and finding video is simply easier.

Update and Manage with Transfer

Transfer empowers you with the ability to re-mark existing video inspection footage, make notations and assign a GIS link for future viewing and assessment. You donít have to re-video the pipe system to have digital access.


Transfer's user-friendly application screen makes it easy to monitor, view and
edit existing video from your desktop.


a look at what you get with Transfer

 Formats video for quick retrieval and viewing.

 Link a numerical or geographical customer identifier to a video location.

 Flag concerns or problem areas and insert notes.

 Integrate multiple video formats into an existing infrastructure system.

 Automatic generation of industry-compliant reports.

 The ability to quickly re-mark video with the use of macro buttons.