A keyboard-macro application

Password Pro lets you store an unlimited number of User-Names and Password combination macros. One click fills in your User– Name and Password.

Password Pro

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A powerful yet simple Picture Frame Designer and Point of Sale application.

Soft Frames creates a scale illustration of the Mouldings, Mats and the Image as you enter components.

Includes a database of over 270,000 mouldings, and mat prices and specifications.


SoftFrames Designer and Point of Sale including one year subscription

Price: $599.00

SKU/Item Number: 00014003

Vacuum the Web, sucking up thousands of Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Emails    directly in to TelVac’s powerful marketing software.

Or export them in to Outlook, Act, Telemagic, GoldMine, Access, Excel, Office Tools Pro or your favorite CRM.

Price: $199.00

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Subscription includes the latest update for SoftFrames Designer and Point of Sale, as well as over 270,000 Moulding and Mating prices.

SoftFrames Annual Subscription

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