GIS Video Library

All-Inclusive Video Library Management

Library brings all the data from the field to your fingertips. Simply, it’s a GIS-based video library management application that provides complete access to field information using the municipality’s infrastructure maps. With Library, it takes just seconds to access pipe video.

High-Speen Navigation

The three-step video retrieval process is quick and easy. Once the pipe configuration appears, a mere mouse click will immediately take you to any location in the pipe segment for video viewing.

Power and Flexibility

Library is a GIS-based application that is fully integrated with ArcView™. By clicking on an easily recognizable icon within ArcView, you can launch Library and add, remove and view all media types in the video-footage library, including online digital video, VHS tapes, CD-ROMs and paper documents.


Select a specific inspection CD, and immediately view any observation, with
related videos and documents, all in seconds.

Multiple Video Viewing


a look at what you get with Library

· Freedom to select and new video based on pipe segment location.

· Navigate to any documented observation for instant playback.

· manage an entire library of pipe-inspection videos as one integrated system.

· Streaming video via intranet or internet.

· Retrieve online digital recordings and electronic documents.

· Recall data that has been assigned a unique customer identifier.

· Multiple video viewing.

· Accesses a GIS-based retrieval system for a variety of data formats, such as digital video and electronic documents.